Our partners:

Owing to his experience in the health sector and having met with professionals in the hygiene glove industry, Gérard Poincelot, the founder of the Glovea System firm, noticed that the thousands of millions of used gloves worldwide were purely and simply thrown away and destroyed after use, thus generating waste and millions of tons of CO2 harmful to the environment.

This discovery led him and his partners to examine a global industrial and technical solution, the primary objectives of which were as follows:
  • to collect, disinfect and reuse gloves,
  • to reduce operating costs,
  • to supply high-quality hypoallergenic gloves,
  • to be committed to an environmentally friendly approach,
  • to improve the carbon footprint.®.

  • Project analysis and development were assigned to a mechanics firm specialising in robotics who manufactured the first prototype capable of completely reprocessing the gloves. This unit is now operational and fulfils all of the stipulated reliability criteria and health and safety requirements

    The Glovea System innovation meets all of the expectations of healthcare professionals and industrialists who use so-called disposable gloves and who wish to adopt a new economic and environmental approach

    Thanks to the Glovea System solution, Consumables have now become sustainable.

    François Berthault, Director of Glovea Services, joined the founder of Glovea, Gérard Poincelot, at the end of 2007.
    After 20 years of sales, marketing and management experience, the Glovea project and the founder’s personality completely matched his expectations, enabling him to use his personal conviction for the benefit of a meaningful innovative, human-scale project.
    It is his ambition to make this project part of a global responsibility approach in order to incorporate economic, social and environmental aspects and challenges into corporate strategy.