Q: Which markets does Glovea target?

R: All companies which purchase large quantities of disposable gloves. Glovea has chosen to address, as a priority, the health and agribusiness sectors, the two sectors with the highest disposable glove use.

Q: What types of gloves are covered by Glovea’s activity?

R: Examination gloves for the health sector, and protective gloves for the agribusiness, which are identical to examination gloves.

Q: What types of gloves do Glovea’s customers use?

R: Exclusively hypoallergenic Nitrile® gloves, guaranteeing users comfort, quality and wellbeing, to be supplied by Glovea. Glovea has chosen to offer its services exclusively using Nitrile® gloves, owing to their physical properties (physicochemical strength), and user protection and comfort properties.

Q: Can I continue using gloves my company has already purchased, and have them cleaned by Glovea?

R: No, all gloves processed by the Glovea cleaning/disinfecting machine will have been supplied by Glovea, for various reasons:
  • the glove should be certified as being able to be subjected to a certain number of cycles while retaining its physical properties
  • the glove should be able to be identified by the machine
  • the glove is recognized by a Datamatrix code which makes it unique and disposable
  • Q: I currently use disposable gloves. Why should I change to reusable gloves?

    R: Firstly, for health and safety criteria: with the Glovea process, the used gloves are disinfected at each cycle, according to the log-5 standard, the gloves are identified by means of unique marking enabling the gloves to be monitored and to remain completely traceable.

    Q: How will it affect my budget?

    R: Based on the provision of a service, the process offered by Glovea allows our customers to be aware of and experience a marked reduction in their annual budget

    Q: It is beneficial, from a financial perspective, to reprocess inexpensive disposable gloves?

    R:Yes, because even though the unit purchase costs are low, healthcare professionals or industrialists use millions of these gloves every year. By taking advantage of Glovea’s services, companies will be able to reduce their current costs by more than 20%.

    Q: What is the situation regarding allergy problems?

    R:The gloves offered by Glovea are exclusively made of Nitrile® (hypoallergenic), a higher quality material than the other materials currently used (latex or vinyl)

    Q: Why not carry on using disposable gloves?

    R: Glovea is committed to taking a responsible approach and thus helping to limit considerably the disposable era, for environmental reasons, and also with the aim of reducing waste and transportation.

    Q: What is the lifespan of a Glovea reusable glove?

    R:A Glovea glove may undergo approximately fifteen cleaning and disinfection cycles, or even more

    Q: Who deals with waste management?

    R: Glovea completely manages the supply and end-of-life chain for the gloves, thus freeing users from this problem

    Q: By using “reprocessed” gloves, are there any risks of contamination for my site?

    R:Glovea has developed its cleaning-disinfection process in a concern for absolute safety for its customers and users. All gloves leaving the processing machine are guaranteed 100% disinfected and free from microbiological contamination. The gloves supplied and processed by Glovea are even superior, in microbiological terms, to new gloves in the box.

    Q: Are the gloves distorted by the cleaning-disinfection process?

    R:Absolutely not, the physicochemical properties of the gloves are identical.
    If you have any other questions, please feel free to send a message to contact@glovea.com