Evreux, 22 January 2009 – The first complete reprocessing unit for disposable gloves, the first of its kind in France, was inaugurated today at the R-Meca production facility in Evreux (Eure region).

ENVIRO2B – 15 January 2009

Glovea announces the launch of a novel recycling process, for disposable gloves. In the hospital, pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics or agribusiness context, more than 4 thousand million gloves are apparently thrown away each year in France. The Glovea firm provides both an economic and ecological solution. It has designed, developed and is now industrialising the first automatic reprocessing machine for disposable gloves, which will be reprocessed up to 15 times. During each reprocessing operation, the gloves are subjected to stringent control tests: total disinfection (guaranteed by microbiological tests carried out at the Institut Pasteur), seal and surface condition (tears, stains, etc.) are scrupulously checked. Glovea envisages "savings of more than 20% for glove budgets and a ten-fold reduction in greenhouse gas emissions".

France 3 HAUTE NORMANDIE – 19/20 - 22 January 2009

The special report for this issue - 5 min - Interview with Philippe Fourgon, manager of the R-Meca firm, and Gérard Poincelot, creator of the Glovea machine.
"This is the end of disposable gloves, welcome to the era of long-lasting gloves. It is a unique machine, and a real ecological challenge: greenhouse gas emissions reduced ten-fold! It even recycles wastewater. It took three and a half years to create because it is very difficult, technologically, to clean a glove. Three machines of this type will be in operation in France; however, machines are expected to be exported to Germany and Belgium in the very near future".

LA TRIBUNE – 23 January 2009

"Glovea reprocesses disposable gloves. With its machines, the firm intends to limit the volume of gloves in circulation.
Yesterday, Thursday, at its partner’s production facility, R-Meca in Évreux (Eure region), the Glovea System firm launched the production of machines destined for the automatic reprocessing of non-sterile disposable hygiene gloves from hospitals, pharmacies, the agribusiness and cosmetics industry. This is a two-way economic model. Glovea System will sell its services, receiving royalties on the processed gloves, to industrialists via its Nantes-based subsidiary Glovea Services. As regards the hospital market, which is hard for a very small firm to break into, it has decided to sell its machines to the reference service providers already used by hospitals. The company thus envisages selling 8 machines in 2009".

Glovea invents the reusable glove
Every year in France, more than 4 thousand million single-use hygiene gloves are thrown away. There is now a solution for reusing these gloves, without sacrificing safety and hygiene for users, or products and persons coming into contact with them, namely patients. The Glovea System firm has effectively developed a novel machine which enables gloves to be automatically reprocessed, involving disinfection and re-packaging, at a rate of 20 gloves per minute. The machine uses a disinfectant bath combined with ultrasound techniques. The Institut Pasteur, which carried out the microbiological tests both inside and outside the processed gloves, showed that they were superior to new gloves in terms of cleanness. However, this procedure only applies to gloves designed by Glovea and made of nitrile, a material which makes the glove highly resistant to perforations in particular, enabling at least 15 repackaging operations to be envisaged. Each glove is also identified by means of a Datamatrix code which guarantees total product traceability. On the whole, this comprehensive sales and reprocessing service should generate savings of 20 to 40% depending on the different sectors involved. Glovea, which has just inaugurated its first prototype, at the R-Meca production facility in Evreux, is expected to construct another five machines by the end of the year, each capable of processing 6 to 7.5 million gloves per year.