Technological revolution


The Glovea System firm has designed, developed and is now marketing the first reprocessing system for so-called disposable gloves, a system which:
Consumables have now become sustainable!
Glovea, a high value-added solution.


Glovea Services, a subsidiary of Glovea System, reprocesses hypoallergenic Nitrile® gloves at its sites, which it then markets to its customers. These premium-quality hypoallergenic gloves protect users from adverse dermatological or cutaneous reactions which are a common occurrence with latex products. Glovea Services offers its customers a used glove collection and processing service, together with supply of reconditioned gloves.
Glovea, a high value-added solution.


Health and safety. Microbiological tests carried out on the reprocessed gloves by the Institut Pasteur show that the gloves have been perfectly cleaned and completely disinfected (both the inside and outside of the glove).

Physical safety. During each processing operation, the identified gloves undergo physical and mechanical testing. Seal and surface condition (tearing, microperforation, residual stains etc. are strictly controlled).

Traceability. As a safety dynamic, marking the gloves with a Datamatrix code specific to each customer enables each glove to be identified, tested and monitored throughout its lifespan and reprocessing cycles.
Glovea, a high value-added solution.

Economic revolution

With Glovea, the disposable has now become sustainable.
Glovea, a high value-added solution.