Healthcare professionals and industrialists who adopt a carbon footprint approach are now duty bound to take into account the carbon footprint of their service providers.

Glovea System meets this requirement by calculating the carbon footprint of its services (reprocessing of Nitrile® gloves). This involves becoming aware of the main sectors of greenhouse gas emissions in the Glovea System process, and evaluating the carbon gain achieved thanks to this new service, in comparison with the traditional service (single use of so-called disposable gloves).

The service provided by Glovea System results in a 10-fold reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in the gloves sector. This is a colossal gain given the huge amounts of gloves used in industry and in the medical field. If the 4 thousand million disposable gloves which are thrown away each year in France were reprocessed by Glovea System,
this would save:
23 000 tons of CO2

Current situation without the services offered by Glovea

Now with the services offered by Glovea